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The American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) provides the ASBA Teachers’ Registry as a service to assist individuals seeking a teacher of botanical art. The information is voluntarily provided by each ASBA member (teacher) listed; ASBA is not responsible for errors or inaccuracies. ASBA does not imply endorsement or certification of the individuals listed. It is your responsibility to arrange for all of the necessary scheduling, materials, and/or transactions between you and the teacher. The arrangements or contracts verbal or written are therefore between you and the teacher, ASBA assumes no liabilities.

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Suzanne Cody Adams

Nevada – Reno – USA

Helen Fitzgerald

New South Wales – Queanbeyan – Australia

Lisa Coddington

New York – Syracuse – USA

Banjie Getsinger

Connecticut – Washington – USA

Mindy Lighthipe

New Jersy – Warren – USA

Julie Schneider Ljubenkov, MFA

California Pauma Valley (Northern San Diego County) – USA

Lee McCaffree

California – Orinda – USA

Leonie Norton

New South Wales – Sydney – Australia

Rayma Kempinsky Peterson

St. Albert – Alberta – Canada

Rose Pellicano

New York – Garden City – USA

Lisa Pompelli

California – Pasadena, Los Angeles, San Marino – USA

Dick Rauh

Connecticut – Wilton – USA

Roberta Rosenthal

New York – Bloomingburg – USA

Margaret Saul

Maryland – Rockville – USA

Anita Walsmit Sachs

The Hague – The Netherlands

Gilly Shaeffer

California – Los Angeles – USA

Louise Smith

Washington – Seattle – USA

Donna Torres

Florida – Miami – USA

Catherine M. Watters

California – Orinda – USA



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